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gemstone rings sizingOur elves (aka bench jewelers) have been busy working to get pieces ready for Christmas, but their work is not yet over!

Rings make great gifts, but it’s hard to guess at someone’s ring size. ┬áIf the ring is perfect, but it’s not the perfect size, we can fix it!

Resizing can be complicated, which is why it is important to take your jewelry to a jeweler you trust, who is a master-craftsman, and has the right tools for the job. Most people don’t realize that gemstones other than rubies, sapphires, and diamonds are heat sensitive – which means they have to be protected from the flame during sizing. Gold and platinum conduct heat, so extra care and specialized equipment (like our laser welder, which allows us to weld without heating up the entire ring) are needed to insure your ring isn’t damaged during sizing. Also, the jeweler should check and tighten any stones that loosen up during resizing. Sizing a ring changes the circumference – that change can cause the settings to loosen their grip on small accent stones. We pay attention to these details, and we stand behind our work! Trust our expertise for the best ring resizing in Fort Myers / Southwest Florida!

ring being sized torch solder

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